Lauderhill Breast Treatments

We Help You Unlock and Harmonize Balance in Breast Health & Wellness.

Our certified experts design personalized breast treatment plans, seamlessly blending the finest aspects of Western and Eastern medicine to meet your unique health requirements.

Breast Pain Relief and Management

Our expert team specializes in pain management, addressing acute and chronic pain, including neck pain, back pain, joint pain, headaches, and sports injuries. Through acupuncture and non-needle treatments, we aim to deliver rapid pain relief, with many patients experiencing 30% to 50% improvement after their first visit.

Integrated Approach

Our approach combines the best of traditional and alternative medicine for a comprehensive strategy to alleviate breast pain.

Personalized Treatment

Tailored plans crafted by our certified experts address the unique factors contributing to your breast pain, ensuring effective and personalized relief.

Acupuncture for Rapid Relief

Experience 30% to 50% immediate pain relief through our expertly administered acupuncture treatments, targeting both acute and chronic breast pain.

Non-Needle Options

In addition to acupuncture, we offer non-needle treatment methods for those seeking pain relief without needle techniques.

Holistic Health Plans

Beyond pain relief, we work with you to develop holistic health plans, empowering you to manage and prevent future instances of breast pain.

Herbal Formulations by Dr. Walter Campbell

Explore our range of herbal formulations specifically designed by Dr. Walter Campbell to address breast pain and promote overall breast health.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Holistic Approaches for Early Detection and Treatment

Fibrocystic breast disease is increasingly diagnosed, emphasizing the importance of early detection. Our integrative approach blends Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and supplementation to offer a proactive strategy.

Understanding fibrocystic breast disease involves recognizing symptoms such as cyclic breast pain, tenderness, lumps, and nipple discharge. While self-examination is beneficial, consulting a qualified doctor who specializes in natural healing is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

In our Eastern holistic practice, we employ non-invasive methods such as pulse and tongue evaluation and breast thermography, complementing traditional Western diagnostic tools. Unlike symptomatic treatments, our focus is on addressing the root cause, providing holistic fibrocystic breast disease treatments at our wellness center.

Dr. Walter Campbell, a China-trained Doctor of Oriental Medicine, brings extensive expertise to the possible link between fibrocystic breast disease and cancer, offering traditional and alternative treatments. Contact him for a professional evaluation of your symptoms.

Breast Gel Treatment

Innovative Solutions for Fibrocystic Breast Condition

Fibrocystic breast condition, a common cause of “lumpy breasts,” affects many women. Dr. Walter Campbell’s developed breast gel, combining iodine and selected Chinese herbs, has shown significant results in reducing symptoms.

Patients apply the gel directly to their breasts daily, with Chinese herbs aiding blood stasis breakdown and promoting blood circulation. Thermal scans from case studies reveal a 95% reduction in breast conditions.

Breast thermography, utilized since the 1960s and FDA-approved, detects changes in blood flow, crucial for early intervention. To explore innovative fibrocystic breast treatments, make an appointment for a professional evaluation with Dr. Campbell by calling (305) 760-2414.

Patient Testimonials

Dr Walter Campbell is an amazing Chinese Medicine physician! He has treated me in several occasions whereby he has eliminated the severe pain in my ankle and plantar fasciitis with just six acupuncture needles. After placing the sixth needle in my right hand the pain in my left ankle immediately disappeared. He is kind, caring and gracious with patients. I highly recommend his expert services for anyone needing a competent, caring physician.

~ April B.

Dr. Campbell is an extraordinary doctor who combines every aspect of his heart, mind and soul with his incredible wisdom and knowledge to bring a person to healing. He is absolutely the best doctor of Chinese medicine in all of Florida.

~ Katrina B.

Dr. Campbell is “out of this world amazing” in every way. Doctor, friend, human. I’ve seen him do miracles with my own eyes. Many times!

~ Cori M.

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