Accessibility Statement

At TCM Physicians, we are committed to ensuring digital accessibility for everyone. We continually strive to enhance the user experience for individuals of all abilities. Our goal is to meet or exceed the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Ongoing Efforts

We are actively working to improve the accessibility of our website to make it more user-friendly for everyone. This includes regular audits, user testing, and collaboration with accessibility experts to address any issues and implement best practices.

Accessible Features


  • Alternative Text – We provide descriptive alternative text for all significant images, ensuring those using screen readers can understand the content.
  • Keyboard Navigation – Our website is designed to be navigable using only a keyboard, enabling users who rely on keyboard navigation to access all features.
  • Contrast and Readability – We strive to maintain sufficient contrast and readability across our website to assist users with visual impairments.


If you encounter any accessibility issues or have specific feedback on how we can improve, please let us know. Your insights are valuable, and we are dedicated to addressing concerns promptly.

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Third-Party Accessibility 

While we aim to provide a fully accessible experience, there may be instances where third-party content or features impact accessibility. We encourage users to report any issues they encounter, and we will work towards finding suitable solutions.

Date of Last Update:

3 March, 2024

Thank you for visiting TCM Physicians. We appreciate your feedback as we strive to create an inclusive online environment for everyone.