What to Expect at TCM Phyisicians

Before you come in:

Before your appointment, ensure you’ve had a light meal. While you don’t need to be overly full, it’s not advisable to undergo treatment on an empty stomach.

Kindly avoid using scents or perfumes, as some patients may be sensitive to fragrances.

Please bring your own water and wear warm loose-fitting clothing.

If you tend to feel chilly, consider bringing a small blanket for your comfort during the treatment.

Please inform your physician of any recent injuries, surgeries, or changes in your health since your last visit. This information helps us tailor your treatment for optimal results.

Once you get here:

Anticipate spending an extended period in the office during your visit.

We’ll engage in a discussion about your current and past health during our conversation.

We will assess your pulse and examine your tongue to aid in forming a diagnosis and creating a personalized treatment plan.

We will delicately insert hair-thin, single-use, sterile needles to balance your body’s vital energy, known as Qi.

You might experience a slight prick upon needle insertion and may feel a sensation of heaviness or gathering near the needle. Please communicate any discomfort or pain to your practitioner during the session.

The needles will remain in place for approximately 30 minutes. Many individuals use this time to relax, often falling asleep or engaging in meditation.

Your treatment may also include massage or cupping, if necessary.

After you leave:

Typically, individuals experience a sense of relaxation following an acupuncture session.

Avoid consuming alcohol or participating in strenuous physical activity immediately after your acupuncture session for optimal results.

After your acupuncture session, prioritize hydration and allow yourself some rest. Adequate water intake and relaxation can enhance the benefits of the treatment.

Take note of any changes you may experience post-treatment. Whether it’s improved sleep, reduced pain, or changes in energy levels, these observations can provide valuable insights for future sessions.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or if anything arises post-treatment, please reach out to your practitioner for guidance and support.

Patient Testimonials

Dr Walter Campbell is an amazing Chinese Medicine physician! He has treated me in several occasions whereby he has eliminated the severe pain in my ankle and plantar fasciitis with just six acupuncture needles. After placing the sixth needle in my right hand the pain in my left ankle immediately disappeared. He is kind, caring and gracious with patients. I highly recommend his expert services for anyone needing a competent, caring physician.

~ April B.

Dr. Campbell is an extraordinary doctor who combines every aspect of his heart, mind and soul with his incredible wisdom and knowledge to bring a person to healing. He is absolutely the best doctor of Chinese medicine in all of Florida.

~ Katrina B.

Dr. Campbell is “out of this world amazing” in every way. Doctor, friend, human. I’ve seen him do miracles with my own eyes. Many times!

~ Cori M.

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